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                                                   Technology Transfer Alliance (TTA)

The Technology Transfer Alliance is an association that promotes international collaboration through problem-oriented project-driven education based on a common pedagogical model shared by universities and partners.

                                                        Challenge Driven Education (CDE)

Challenge-driven education (CDE) is aimed at enhancing a scalable working life skills such as problem solving and team collaboration skills.These skills are widely acknowledged to contribute to the solving of complex and wicked engineering challenges both in the industry and in the societies. CDE is based on repetitive learning cycles while keeping the focus on the needs of the global society. CDE aims to put the best and the brightest engineering potential to work on the problems most in need of solution.


Challenge driven courses including phenomena-, problem- and project –based courses which are seen to support the students learning through a constructive learning model.


CDE approaches:

  1. Problems are defined by the external stakeholders addressing real life problems and challenges with open ended formulation. The students need to develop a working relation to the problem owner towards co-creation and co-innovation and integrating pieces of knowledge and experience beyond what they have learned in their basic courses. Thus the students will develop skills to handle the ambiguity to co-create and co-crafting to provide solutions to the challenges.
  2. Problems may have a multidisciplinary character resulting by the need to co-locate students to environments where expertise and experiences in other disciplines can be met. So basically the theoretical knowledge and conceptual framework is moved to the more practical engineering context with hands-on work on designs and crafting the solutions.
  3. The students will be exposed to peer learning in addition to team work skills and project management issues through interaction with other students with different discipline background. This is fostered by the target for large project teams requiring self-organization and discipline among students.



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